Politecnico de Milano and Chiba University Joint Design Workshop 2013



ワークショップの概要 / Summary of this workshop

According to the research topic “S” WEAR – WEARABLE IN THE FUTURE six student-teams researched in Tokyo/Japan following an approach of open observation with the goal to identify unique aspects of japanese culture focussing on practices of use and integration of technology in japanese daily life.

The six cross-cultural teams consiting of each one italian and two japan-based students used the research-results to identify specific fields of interest referring to an analysis regarding forward-looking relevance. Subsequently these fields of interest served as a further orientation to define potential needs, potential perspectives and possible design approaches. The iterative development was supported by the workshop supervisors in daily presentations.

ワークショップテーマ / Theme of this workshop


参加者 / Participants

Ying Zhong, CU
Fukuo Akiyama, CU
Yusuke Daimon, CU
Masataro Takagi, CU
Qiu Yuanyuan, CU
Takashi Hatta, CU
Yuki Shinohara, CU
Jiro Kawano, CU
Junichi Ishigaki, CU
Rika Ishitsuka, CU
Shigemasa Tanaka, CU
Risa Araki, CU
Michele Broggio, Polimi
Elena Fergnani, Polimi
Giacomo Wilhelm, Polimi
Michela Pasini, Polimi
Paolo Chiorino, Polimi
Elisa Poli, Polimi

協力 / Partners

Seiko Instruments Inc./Japan Student Services Organization/Politecnico de Milano/千葉大学大学院工学研究科デザイン科学専攻

ファイナルプレゼンテーション / Final Presentation